Formuline Rope

Marlow FormulineFormuline rope is absolutely the best windsurfing rope ever produced. It comes from world known manufacturer – Marlow Ropes LTD from UK, famous for  offering ropes for the Leisure Marine, Industrial and Defence markets.
Formuline rope is made of 12 strand, tightly braided Dyneema® SK75.
There is simply nothing better!


  • Lightweight (1 m = 0,089 kg)
  • High strengthwill easily take the power of modern sails. Average break load 619 kg
  • Durable- abrasion resistant Dyneema does not easily wear out on cleats
  • Very low stretch – keeps the rig perfectly set
  • Ideal for windsurf cleats – 3.8 mm diameter fits great with all mast extensions and outhaul booms.

Our opinion:

48-full-2We highly recommend using everybody this incredible rope for the downhaul and outhaul of your windsurfing sail. Forget your ordinary rope!

Formuline lasts much longer. Actually it’s almost impossible to break, as this rope has up to 3 times the breaking strength of ordinary rope. Once you start using this rope you will find there is almost no wear out – Formuline stays as good as new for many sessions.

Thanks to incorporated advanced slip characteristics, Formuline reduces the effort required to downhaul even a big sail. This rope is a choice of all professional windsurfing competitors no matter if they rig a 12.5 m2 Formula sail or 4.2 m2 wave . The down hauling goes simply much easier than with any other rope.

Our recommendation:

electricknifeWe sell minimum 4 meters. This is enough for 2 downhaul lines and 1 outhaul. We suggest using 1.5 m for your mast extension. However, if you use very big sail we recommend 2 m of downhaul line. The choice is yours. Please specify during the ordering process if you wish us to cut your rope.

All lenghts are cut with a hot knife which is the best tool to finish the ends of the rope. 

Ordering process:

  1. Go to Order here page.
  2. Choose the length and colour you want to order.
  3. Add to cart.
  4. Connect with your PayPal account or simply proceed with your card payment.
  5. Await your post delivery :)

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